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Nursery Wilma Rudolph Class


Our Nursery Class Pioneer is Wilma Rudolph

When Wilma was a little girl she became poorly. The doctors thought she would never walk without help. Wilma was determined to learn to run fast like a gazelle. She perservered and worked hard to finally achieve her dream. In the Olympic Games she won a gold medal and people named her 'Gazelle'.

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Summer Term 1 2024 Topic: Over in the Meadow

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Learning through stories

In Nursery we plan around a book. We choose stories that are worth reading and re-reading – stories that our children will love. We explore the story, the characters and we have lots of fun playing with the words, the rhymes and the alliteration.

Each week a YouTube link to the key text will be added to your child's keyring on their book bag for you to share and talk together at home. (Please always check the link for E-Safety).


Rhyme Time Challenge

Learning and saying rhymes is fun. Rhymes help children feel confident with words and they help children to develop their early language skills needed for reading and writing. 

We’ve chosen the rhymes, songs and poems carefully so that they offer an extension to our key theme/text and interest, and provide new vocabulary and different kinds of language challenges.

Each week we will add our Rhyme Time Challenge on your child’s keyring along with a link to our core book - just scan the QR codes.  (Please always check the link for E-Safety).

Vocabulary Development

We introduce new words that are meaningful and useful.  We explore words from the story, or theme, specifically selected to develop our children’s understanding of each word in the context of their everyday lives.

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