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Moulsecoomb Primary School

A Compassionate Learning Community

Our Learning Characters

We developed these learning characters to help children understand the process they go through when learning something new. It helps us to understand that we learn different things in different ways. It also helps us to understand our strengths as learners.

Kind and Caring Koala reminds us that we all have the right to be safe and to be treated with care by others!

Have A Go Horse reminds us that effort is the key to successful learning. Mistakes are important too and you must be willing to have a go!

Concentrating Crocodile reminds us to be actively involved in learning and to focus!

Persevering Penguin reminds us that we must keep trying even when learning is challenging!

Creative Cobra reminds us to use our own ideas and to think creatively when learning!

Be Better Bumblebee reminds us to choose the best ways when learning and to ask "Is this my best?"

Linking Lemur reminds us that the best learners link learning together and use things that they've heard or seen before!