We currently have spaces in after school club - Mondays -Fridays

After School Clubs - Spring Term 2017

MPS Fun Club runs each day until 5.30pm with a shorter session until 4.15pm. Places will be allocated on first come first served basis.


Bike club. Reception – Year  6 (Mr Smith) 3.15-4.15pm



Cooking Year 3,4,5 & 6 (3.15-5.15pm £2, Carly from Trailer Trashed)


MPS Fun Club (Dana Gutsell, Lynn Verrecchia)





MPS Fun Club (Dana Gutsell, Lynn Verrecchia)

Drama Club Years 5 & 6 (Mrs Waring) Hall, 3.15 - 4.15pm



MPS Fun Club (Dana Gutsell, Lynn Verrecchia)



Environment Club  (with Caroline)   Years 3-6, 3.15-4.15pm



MPS Fun Club (Dana Gutsell, Lynn Verrecchia)


MPS Fun Club (Dana Gutsell, Lynn Verrecchia)


The cost for the shorter session for all children (until 4.15pm) is £2 unless otherwise stated.


The longer session (until 5.30pm) costs £7.50 for working families and £2.50 for families entitled to free school meals and includes attendance at any of the above activities. Priority for the longer sessions will be given to working parents. Places need to be booked in advance & we need a completed registration form for each child (forms are available from the office).


If your child joins a club they are expected to turn up unless we have a note in advance. You will be charged for the session if you do not give notice.  If you are working you may be able to receive the Childcare element of the Working Tax Credit to help you pay for the costs of your childcare. To check your eligibility and to apply go online at www.taxcredits.inlandrevenue.gov.uk