Moulsecoomb Primary School, The Highway, Lewes Road, Brighton, BN2 4PA.
       Tel 01273 605700       Fax 01273 690595

8.00 a.m. to 8.50 a.m. Breakfast Club.         8.50 a.m. to 3.05/3.10 p.m. Main school day.     3.15 p.m. to 4.15/5.30 p.m. After school club.
After the Christmas holiday, the school reopens to children on Monday 5th January 2015 


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School Holiday Dates
For a full list of school holidays in Brighton and Hove
for this year and next year, click on the following link:

Please note that closures for in-service training are not included in the Brighton and Hove calendar, apart from the first day back in September. All additional dates will be in our newsletters and in the calendar above.

Wet & Cold Weather Days

On days when it is raining or the weather is cold we open up the school hall at 08.40am so that you can shelter from the poor weather. Please stay in the hall and not wait in the corridors as this breaks fire regulations. As a school we need to know where everybody is at any one time in case of fire.

Thank you for your co-operation.

Colder Days

Now it is getting colder please make sure your child comes to school with warm clothes for playtime and lunchtime breaks. Thanks.

Free School Meals Reminder

If your child/ren are entitled to free school meals and you have not filled in the form please do so as this goes towards the funding of the school (even if your child is in Reception to Y2 and has the universal free meal).

  School Information  

Moulsecoomb Primary School has approximately 330 children aged 3-11 years on roll. The school was merged in September 1999 from Moulsecoomb Nursery and Infant School and Moulsecoomb Junior School. During the academic year 1999/2000 the merged school continued to operate on two sites but, after extensive refurbishment, the school moved onto one site in September 2000. Since then, we have continued to improve the school learning environment, both inside and out. We have improved indoor facilities with a dedicated ICT suite, Gym and changing rooms, new library, new Art and Science studio, a Happy Club and have now installed Smart Interactive computer boards in all classrooms from Nursery to Year 6.
Vision Statement
“To value everybody in our school. By working in partnership with the local and wider community we will provide everybody with the opportunities and experiences to reach their full potential, in a caring, happy and stimulating environment.”

Admission Arrangements
Parents/carers who would like to discuss the school with the Headteacher are invited to make an appointment through the school secretary to visit the school.

You can find out more about applying for a place at a Brighton and Hove school by clicking here.

Moulsecoomb Primary School. The school boundaries are marked in orange.
Contact Details
Headteacher Mr. C. Davies

Moulsecoomb Primary School
The Highway
Lewes Road
BN2 4PA   

Tel 01273 605700
Fax 01273 690595

Ofsted Reports
All our Ofsted reports can be found here.

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  Our Curriculum  
This information is being updated. It will be available by the end of the Autumn 2014 term.
  School Statements, Policies and Evaluations  

Please contact the school for any of the policies below. Those in blue can be read online.
Anaphlylaxis Guidelines
Behaviour - in our Teaching and Learning Policy (pdf page 90 onwards)
Charging and Remission (PDF 17.0KB)
Child Protection
Children in Care

Complaints (PDF 83.70KB)
Continuing Professional Development
Data Protection
Design Technology
Disability and Equality (PDF 88.9KB)
Educational Visits
Emergency Evacuation Plan 2009
Emergency Plan
Equalities: Statement of Intent

Equalities: Policy
E-Safety and E-Security
Gifted and Talented
Health and Safety
Incident Reporting

Learning Mentors
Leave of Absence
Modern Foreign Languages
Monitoring and Evaluation
Personal, Social and Health Education
Physical Education
Pupil Premium: Spending Evaluation 2011 - 2012
Pupil Premium: Policy
Religous Education
Scheme of Delegation
School and Community Cohesion
Sex and Relationships
Special Needs (PDF 57.5KB)
Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural
Staff Absence
Teaching and Learning (1.38 MB)
Vulnerable Children

  Our Sats Results  

This information is for 2014.

Percentage achieving Level 4 or above in reading, writing and maths combined: 44%

Percentage achieving Level 4 or above in maths:76%
Percentage achieving Level 4 or above in reading: 84%
Percentage achieving Level 4 or above in writing: 47%

Percentage achieving Level 5 or above in maths:16%
Percentage achieving Level 5 or above in reading: 67%
Percentage achieving Level 5 or above in writing: 0%


Other performance information is here.

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  Governing Body  

All Governors can be contacted via the school on 605700.

Graham Hailes

Vice Chair: Marisol Smith

Child Protection: Alice Whalley

Children in Care: Bernice King

Health and Safety: Warren Carter

Special Educational Needs:
Sue Furdas

Training and Development:
Marisol Smith 

Charles Davies
Rick McEwan
Bernice King
Marisol Smith

Finance and Human Resources
Charles Davies
Hazel Gould
Graham Hailes
Anne Meadows
Tony Meadows
Marisol Smith

Risk Assessment (Environment)
Shaun Andre (site manager)
Warren Carter
Charles Davies
Hazel Gould

Appeals (Pupils)
To be drawn from a pool of eligible members of the Governing Body

Charles Davies
Graham Hailes
Anne Meadows
Marisol Smith

Staff Grievance
Tony Meadows
Marisol Smith

Appeals (Staff)
Bernice King

Special Educational Needs
Sue Furdas
Graham Hailes
Bernice King
Kerry Twiselton
Alice Whalley

Chair and Headteacher are ex officio on all committees.

Governing Body Minutes: click on a link below.

10th July 2014 (PDF 19KB)
8th October 2014 (PDF 17KB)

  Moulsecoomb Nursery School  

Welcome to our Nursery!

Our nursery was recently praised by Ofsted for “very effective teaching and well-resourced play  areas.”

Nursery care is available from 8am till 5.30pm at Moulsecoomb.

We welcome and encourage visits to our warm friendly nursery. Call the office to arrange yours on 01273 605 700.

We believe in making every day special here at Moulsecoomb Nursery. Every child is welcomed, nurtured and encouraged to thrive. We provide a beautiful environment and exciting learning experiences, helping children to reach their full potential through their play and learning.

3 and 4 year old children are entitled to 15 hours FREE learning and care, as follows:

Nursery children are able to attend the breakfast club and after school club, meaning your nursery child can be cared for at Moulsecoomb between 8am and 5.30pm. This supports working parents.

3 and 4 year old children are entitled to 15 hours FREE learning and care, as follows:

1. Early week free place
(all day Monday and Tuesday 8.50am - 3.10pm, Wednesday morning 8.50am - 11.50am)

2. Late week free place
(Wedesday afternoon 12.10pm - 3.10pm, all day Thursday and Friday 8.50am - 3.10pm)

3. Morning free place
(Monday - Friday 8.50am - 11.50am)

4. Afternoon free place
(Monday - Friday 12.10pm - 3.10pm)

5. Full time place (15 hours FREE and 15 hours PAID)
(Monday - Friday 8.50pm - 3.10pm)

Lunch £2.60/£0.50 Free School Meals

6. Places to suit you:

If you work and need childcare on particular days we will make every effort to support you. Each 3 hour session is charged at £10.50 (this is in addition to your 15 hour entitlement.)

Breakfast club (8am - 8.50am) is charged at 70p

After-school club is charged at £2.00 till 4pm

£7.50 (50p Free School Meals) till 5.30pm (includes tea)

Making your child feel safe and cared for is our highest priority. We have several systems to help your child settle into our nursery.

Visits to the nursery are very welcome. You can pop in with your child as often as you like in the lead up to starting nursery and start getting to know the staff and children.

The nursery staff will offer to visit you and your child at home just before they start nursery. This really helps children to feel comfortable with their new teachers as they will have met them in their home, where they feel most safe and confident.

On the day before nursery starts you will be invited for a play morning with all the other new children and their families. A great chance to make new friends!

All children are different and will take different times to settle. You will be encouraged to stay with your child at first and discuss with your key worker when you are ready to start leaving your child. This may even be just for 5 minutes for the first few times, to reassure your child and help them gradually get used to being at nursery.

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